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Goodbye LJ...

Yeah. I might come back for some fiction every now and then (when I tire of LPfiction. It'll happen...when I stop loving Linkin Park...which is unforseeable right now, even though I also loathe them).

So you can find me, my daily activities, and artwork here: deviantART
And my new blog here: WordPress

I'll never forget my memories of DuGera, Fregg, RemuSirius, or even Twincest and the whole Weasley gang getting freaky with each other.

LJ was where I learned of slash, but now, I must go off to where I am needed...

I love you all, Drakanaa L. Byzanthum III

Chia-Like, I Shall Grow

Oh dear Jesus.

Lawd knows how long it's been. School has consumed most of my time and if LJ were easier to access from my BlackBerry, I would do so more frequently. So uh, I broke up with Micheal because he got kicked out of alternative school and will be moving to Ohio. PLUS, he is the most stressful boyfriend to have with his many personality issues. I couldn't handle the emotional stress coupled with wrestling season and grades. I lost my dear iPod Ralph, too. However, my dad said he'll get me a new one. He's also helping to pay for my D.C. Chorus trip where I'll get to see Obama's inaugural. So that means to Dungeon this year :( And honors chorus wasn't fun this year since a ton of kids decided they wanted to go. Here's how bad it was: On the way there, Papa J asked me to lead the senior womens' mixed through Ave Maria because I was the only one on the bus with the lyrics who knew how to pronounce the words. I'm taking Latin, so I thought he chose me because of that. Turns out, he didn't. He just knew.
Let's get these teen hearts beating faster, faster.Collapse )


Q & A With Drakanaa

I'm making one of these because one day, I will tire of answerng these questions.

Q: Where did you get your name?
A: My first name came to me from sitting and dwelling on the darkest corners of my mind. I looked up goth names for my middle and last name :P Then to sound classy, I threw in III. I have a thing for long ass, fancy names.

Q: What is your real name?
A: Only close, trusted friends know my real name. If you have to ask...

Q: Why do you go by The Harlot's Roulette or Scarlet Harlot?
A: Cute story, actually. On a cruise, I wore this strapless, scarlet dress and my sister said to me, "You're a scarlet harlot!" I replied, "Thanks, except the harlot part." But I started to grow fond of the word "harlot." I didn't necessarily become one. I just...acted the role. The Harlot's Roulette comes from when I was going through a point of self-recognition and defined myself as the Three H's: Harlot, Heathen, Heretic. The Harlot's Roulette is exactly what it sounds like. A whore playing Russian Roulette except the bullet is love and the gun is a man. It's my motto for living the way you want until you find someone who makes you change into a better person.

Q: Why do you write such dramatic stuff?
A: My life is dramatic, which is why I stopped watching Degrassi. It GOES there, and apparently, "there" is my school and life. Hip hip hoo-fucking-ray.

Q: Don't you think you're a hypocrite for thinking Bam Margera is a douche, even though you are a fan?
A: Let me put it this way. I'm an honest person. I call a spade a spade, I call 'em as I see 'em. If Bammykins thinks it's fun to constantly torture his friends and family, all for the sake of money and air-time, then yes, he IS a douche. A sexy ass, cute douche. But a douche nonetheless. I probably feel this way because I grew up so damn fast. If Bam decides to do something constructive with his life (college, work, actually having a REAL job like his friends and family) then I will change my mind. But I still believe he is a severe closet queer who needs to be dragged out by his cute little nipples.

Q: How can you make such harsh jokes about religion, race, and sexual orientation (or more like homosexuality)?
A: Because I used to be a serious Christian, I'm black, I'm bisexual, and I'm cynical. Can't take a joke? Eat my shit.

Q: Explain your other screennames.
A: Say please.

Q: PLEASE explain your other screennames.
A: Randomxfangirl = random hardcore fangirl. I am random and a hardcore fangirl for anyone/thing. SilasCilice was back during my DaVinci Code binge. I had a thing for the albino monk assassain, Silas. He wore a cilice, which goes around your thigh. Now think about that...XxloversxfadexX was when I was being a lame teeny bopper and threw in a bunch of X's to seem badass. I also was a fan of the song "Outsiders" by Franz Ferdinand which contains the lyrics, "Lovers fade and lovers die/But you still remain here". Forgive me.

Q: What is, "My Dungeon in France" and "The Seventh Circle" all about?
A: When you see my location, it usually says one of those two. My Dunegon in France is a reference to me being in in my dad's basement in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Seventh Circle, as anyone familiar with Dante's Inferno would know, is the level of Hell where you go for suicide/murder. That is where I am most of the year, in Atlanta, Georgia with my mom >.<

I hope that answers ALL questions. Now please disappear :)


Trippin on a Lava Lamp to Pink Floyd

So yesterday I saw some family I hadn't seen since January and Lans and Steph. We all played wii except my dad who is still healing from back problems. Apparently, I own at boxing, pitching, sometimes hitting (I'm the only one who hit a homerun even though Stephen plays baseball) bowling, and yeah. That's about it.

Cause I saw Lex do this...


No One Likes a Whore [fic]

Title: No One Likes a Whore
Genre: Realistic fiction
Author: Drakanaa Byzanthum
Summary: Five girls complete ritualistic homicides, "sacrificing" the "Scunts."
Rating: R for grusome violence
Disclaimer: I own these characters...for once. So total copyrights, 'kay bitches?! Don't ask why I'm putting this in my LJ...I feel comfortable here.

Chapter One

All nighters

Why the hell did I pull an all nighter?

I got off the phone with Mike around two. Tried to sleep.
It's 3 am and I'm listening to "Diamonds of Sierra Leone" by Kanye West and then my phone goes off, playing that ringtone.
I pick up. Who the fuck is it, Micheal? Noooo. Karen? Noooo.
Krystal. Lord fucking knows I love my friends and I haven't spoken to her in ages. So we get to talking and I say, "Hey, let's pull an all nighter!"
Why the hell did I think I could do that?
 We stayed up, talking about everything strange from yaoi paddles to decapitated bunnies in the community pool.
"Let's call people at 6 am and see who picks up!"
So I call Hitchcock, Steven, and Trey, but no dice. DJ DOES pick up and he was about to fall asleep too, like ME. >.<
So we're talking and laughing and around 7am, Krystal gives up, leaving me hyped up on two bowls of Waffle Crisp cereal and watching Viva La Bam. Then I watched videos that she and our friend Michelle recorded and laughed and cried. i miss my friends :( But I called my ex and told him all this and he told me what I was doing was wrong. This coming from the guy who stayed up three nights straight. I can make it until midnight. I must.  So yeah, it was nice talking to him, many laughs, many bets. Many "you're never gonna let me live that down, are you?" "nope!" moments. Okay, just one, and I was on the "nope!" end of that deal.

So VLB is off, even though I've see these episodes before, and I'v finished my chapter on the band whore fic. Am I updating too fast? I should hope not. That's just the way I am. I can instantly get an idea, kind of like Elton John. He wrote music to lyrics so fast...my hero, the flaming king! Oh, and I haven't taken a shower yet. I better go ahead and do so.


Melt in the sun, melt in the sun!
Who wants to come with me and melt in the sun?
Hide in the sky, hide in the sky!
Who wants to come with me and hide in the sky?

 You know you're a Tankianite when you start quoting Serj poetry, songs, or even System songs. Hell, even quoting stuff the man said in interviews. Charge me with obsession..

I'm lame, but let me update.

I have a new bf named Micheal and we intend to get married.
I am very cool.
I am writing a lot of SOADslash on SOADfans.
Your mom digs me. OH BURN!

lol, kidding.


I'm performing a monologue from "A Knight's Tale." It is where Paul Bettany's character Geoffrey Chaucer (the writer!) is introducing Heath Ledger's character....*tear* It's for my audition to get into advanced theater tomorrow. I can't believe I missed ushering for the crapass day that occurred...